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Rango de Precios : 20.000 - 75.000 €/USD

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First you contact the Traveler Assistance Services Center via phone, Whatsapp,e-mail, or skype to request medical or travel assistance. Next, in order to expedite the assistance process, make sure to carefully follow the operators instructions. If you present with an emergency that compromises your vital signs, go to the nearest medical facility and contact our assistance center within 24 hours
You should always verify on the certificate of assistance the plan and if within the “Deductible” Items there is a “0,” it means there is no deductible.
We offer a variety of plans as follows: The “Ideal Plan,” providing 75,000 Euros/USD worth of coverage; The “Gold Plan,” offering 100,000 Euros/USD worth of coverage; The “Tourist Plan,” providing 20,000 Euros/USD worth of coverage.
To request preventative assistance you must arrange a time with your advisor, that falls within your travel itinerary, so our assistance center can speak with you regarding your travels.
Coverage will apply whenever the cancellation or interruption of the trip occurs in a necessary and inevitable manner as a result of:


b. Serious accident of THE HOLDER or THE BENEFICIARY that motivates the hospitalization or inhibits the ambulation, generating a state of prostration in the person and therefore precludes the initiation of the trip.

c. Serious illness of THE HOLDER or THE BENEFICIARY, which is of an emergency nature (not pre-existing at the time of the issuance of the Certificate of attendance and even if it was not known by him) and which motivates hospitalization or inhibits the ambulance, generating a state of prostration in the person and therefore impossible the initiation of the trip.

d. Death or hospitalization for more than 3 (three) days due to accident or illness declared suddenly and acutely by the spouse, parent (s), brother (s) or child (ren) of THE HOLDER or THE BENEFICIARY.

e. When THE HOLDER or THE BENEFICIARY is notified in a reliable manner to appear before the court and such notification has been received or has a date of issue subsequent to the date of contracting the service

f. When THE HOLDER or THE BENEFICIARY has been declared in quarantine by the competent health authority and after the date of contracting the service.

g. When the spouse and children travel with THE HOLDER and are also BENEFICIARIES, the cancellation request will be extended to that family group for the events mentioned in the previous literals, as long as the place of destination, date of departure and date of return declared are the same.
No, seeing as we now have an option with no age restrictions, you can select between “ideal plan,” for those up to 84 years old, and the “gold plan” regardless of the persons age..
You can find an answer to this question in SUPPLIERS on the TAS web page.
Traveler Assistance with provide the BENEFICIARY an indemnity of up to 1,200 USD, as long as such compensation is supplemented by the respective airline´s coverage.
If you need assistance with a pre-existing condition, we will provide coverage until your condition is stabalized, up to the limit of coverage.

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