Traveler Assistance Services .
Calle 81 # 19 A - 38
Bogota D.C , BG DC 110221
Teléfono: + 1 234 342 332
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Fax : + 1 234 342 332
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Rango de Precios : 20.000 - 75.000 €/USD



Our network

We work with a team of medical professionals that operate 24/7 1hrough various service channels including telemedicine, WhatsApp Care. Mobile aplications, medicals centers, hospitals, and clinics, assuring you receive the highest standar of care.

Our network of providers offers support to the traveler, pre-hospital service, hospital care, external consultation, home medical visit, among others, to guarantee the best assistance service.


Businesses, franchises corporate client, travel agencies, and brokers, please leave us your contact information and we will reach out to you.

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